1. Should I get a custom airbrush tan for my wedding?

Definitely, yes!  Well that’s the simple answer…read on for more common questions from brides.

2. Why do I need a spray tan if I’m using a make up artist?

A good, natural spray tan will complement the work of your make-up artist.  In fact, it will make their job easier by evening out your skin tone and giving you a natural base glow.  Also, many wedding dresses show your shoulders, back and chest, areas that might rarely get sun, or that have tan lines.  A quality spray tan help even things out.

3. I’m afraid it will look fake (or orange, or too dark).

Check out the pics of just some of the brides who we’ve spray tanned before their weddings. #OrganicBeautySprayTanWedding  They all look amazing and natural!  Also, we’re always conservative for your wedding tan – a subtle glow is much more desirable than a deep tan.  You want to look like you…just glowing!  Pictures (especially with flash photography) can blow out your skin tone and make you look pale, or it can highlight where your make-up stops and your bare skin starts.  An Organic Beauty Spray Tan will help with that too!

4. What if I’m still nervous?

We understand!  We have lots of clients who’ve had bad experiences with other companies in the past.  We recommend you come in for a trial tan at least a week or two before your wedding.  You’ll get the peace of mind you need and the confidence that it’s going to look perfect! We take our time to explain the whole process and answer any and all of your questions.  Also, you’ll be totally prepared to get your wedding tan with our perfect-tan preparation tips.

5. Is it worth it?

Absolutely! This is something that doesn’t happen on your wedding day, so you can focus on the essentials for the day.  We know you’ll probably be busy the week of your wedding – so we can come to you!  Or, if you need to get away from some of the stress of your wedding planning headquarters, you can come to us, where our clients leave feeling even better than when they arrive!

6. What makes Organic Beauty Spray Tan unique?

We specialize in taking our time with you, understanding your needs and making you feel awesome.  Our clients are never rushed in and out.  Also, we are one of the few (maybe the only?) airbrush tanners in LA who use a completely CERTIFIED ORGANIC/VEGAN spray tan solution. Others may make claims, but almost all of them just have a few ingredients that claim to be organic. Our solution has the certifications to prove it.

7. OK, I’m in – do you have any packages?

Yes!  Contact us for our current packages tailored for you. (626) 209-9070

8. What about my bridal party?

We can help your whole bridal party get glowing.  Discounts are available for 3 or more clients for the same event.

9. But what about my honeymoon?

We have the BEST certified organic tan extending options so you can keep that glow going strong during your whole honeymoon!

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